„„Suicide Waltz” delves into the intricacies of the human psyche, exploring themes of darkness and introspection.”


Can you tell us a little bit about how Casagrande formed?

Casagrande came to life through my deep connection with music, beginning at the age of 12 when I started playing waltzes on the accordion, inspired by my musician father. Over the years, the project evolved into Casagrande, a manifestation of my diverse musical influences and creative journey.

As an Italian artist, how does your cultural heritage influence your music and sound?

Being Italian greatly influences my music and sound. Italy has a rich musical history, and that heritage seeps into my compositions, adding a unique layer to my work. Whether it’s the passion, the storytelling, or the emotional depth, my cultural roots are intricately woven into the fabric of my music.

„Suicide Waltz” is your latest video release. What was the inspiration behind the song and the music video?

„Suicide Waltz” draws inspiration from a blend of horror and fantasy themes. The haunting melody and evocative lyrics explore the darker facets of the human experience. The music video complements this narrative, creating a visually immersive experience for the audience.

Casagrande has been known to experiment with different genres and styles like thrash metal and groove metal. Can you talk about your musical evolution and how you navigate through various genres to create your unique sound?

My musical evolution has been a journey of exploration. From thrash metal to groove metal, I’ve embraced different genres to craft a sound that is uniquely Casagrande. I navigate through these styles by allowing each influence to contribute to the overall tapestry, resulting in a dynamic and distinctive musical identity.

Your lyrics often delve into deep and thought-provoking themes. What messages or emotions were you aiming to convey through „Suicide Waltz”?

„Suicide Waltz” delves into the intricacies of the human psyche, exploring themes of darkness and introspection. The song aims to evoke emotions and provoke thought, inviting listeners to contemplate the complexities of life.

How would you describe the creative process behind your songwriting?

My creative process is fluid and dynamic. It often begins with a seed—an idea, a riff, or a concept. From there, I build layers, experimenting with different elements until the composition feels complete. It’s a journey of exploration and self-discovery.

Italy has a rich history of producing incredible musicians. Which Italian artists or bands have been the most influential to your musical journey?

Italian legends like Lucio Battisti, Niccolo’ Paganini, and progressive rock band “Le Orme” have been influential in shaping my musical sensibilities. Their creativity and ability to push boundaries have left a lasting impact on my artistic journey.

The music industry is constantly evolving, especially in the era of streaming platforms. How have you embraced digital platforms in reaching a global audience, and what challenges have you encountered along the way?

Embracing digital platforms has been crucial in connecting with a global audience. While it provides immense exposure, the challenge lies in navigating the vast digital landscape. Building a strong online presence and adapting to changing trends are ongoing efforts in this dynamic environment.

Do you give live performances with Casagrande? Do you have any plans?

Live performances are not a crucial aspect of Casagrande. The intention is always to bring the music to life on stage, creating an immersive experience for the audience, but unfortunately….

Are you currently working on any new music or upcoming projects? Can you give us a sneak peek into what we can expect from Casagrande in the near future?

Absolutely! I’m currently immersed in creating new music. Fans can anticipate a continuation of the Casagrande journey, with fresh compositions and projects that expand on the signature sound while exploring new creative territories.

Finally, as an Italian band with fans all around the world, what message would you like to convey to your supporters, and how do you hope your music impacts those who listen to it? Thank you for the interview.

To our supporters around the world, thank you for joining us on this musical odyssey. Casagrande’s music is a shared journey of emotions, stories, and exploration. We hope it resonates with you, providing solace, inspiration, and a connection that transcends borders. Your support fuels our creative endeavors, and we look forward to continuing this extraordinary voyage together. Thank you for being a part of the Casagrande community.





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